Term Deposits ------4.00% APR ------APY $500 Minimum to $15,000 Maximum

Term Deposit ------4.50% APR------ APY $15,001 Minimum to $50,000 Maximum

Term Deposit ------5.00% APR------ APY $50,001 Minimum to $100,000 Maximum

Term Deposit ------5.50% APR ------APY Over $100,000

Interest rate greater than 5.50% on TDs is negotiable.... Special Conditions Apply!


Common Shares are available for that long term investment you are looking for.

Shares are your "stake" in the Credit Union.... that give you the right to and privileges of ownership.

Purchase of shares is a requirement of membership.... and membership has its privileges. Each share has a par value of EC$5.00.

Each Member must acquire a minimum of 100 shares at a value of EC$500.00. Dividends are paid annually.... commensurate with the performance of the Credit Union.

Shares could also earn bonus dividends.... that will result in a higher return on your investment.

Shares are your long term savings which you can leave as an inheritance for your children and grandchildren.

Please Note: To purchase Shares you may do one of the following:

  1. Application for Membership: Go to the Operations personnel in the Eileen Blackett Customer Service Lobby (look for the sign) and indicate your interest in becoming a New Member. You would be required to start with a minimum of 100 shares.
  2. Existing Members: Go to the Cashiers' Desk and request the amount of shares needed. You may also use a Deposit Slip to indicate the amount of shares needed. Please select "Common Shares" on the Deposit Slip.


Become a Member today...Membership has its Benefits!