Effective July 1, 2021

Schedule of Fees & Charges

For clarity on any of the fees outlined below, please speak with one of our courteous staff.

ATM Services

Onsite ATM$1.00
Offsite ATM$3.00
Replacement card pin$23.40
Replacement card (lost or damaged)$58.50
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit$1500.00
New ATM Card (First ATM Card)FREE

Savings Account

Christmas Card$2.93
Culturama Card$2.93
Lost Passbook$17.55
New Savings Account Opening Requirement$500.00

Checking Account

Cheque Book (Personal Accounts)$1.76 per cheque
Cheque Book (Business Accounts)$1.76 per cheque
Stop Cheque$35.10
Overdraft Fee (balances up to $400)$58.50
Overdraft Fee (balances over $400)15% plus VAT
Overdraft Transfer$29.25
Returned Cheque$58.50
Minimum Opening Balance$700.00
Monthly Statement FREE

Checking Account

Screen Prints/Photocopies per sheet $3.51
Bank Statements$29.25
Manager’s Cheques$17.55
Replacement Manager’s Cheques$11.70
Standing Orders$17.55
Wire Transfer (outgoing)$29.25
Wire Transfer (incoming)$23.40
Voucher Search per item
– 1 month
– 2-3 months
– 4-12 months
–  Over 12 months

Closure of Account within 6 months $58.50
Service Charges (Personal Accounts)$11.70
Service Charges (Business Accounts)$17.55
Third Party Withdrawals$17.55
Written Verification of Balances$29.25
Early Redemption of Certificates of Deposits$29.25
Night Bag Rental (annual)$117.00
Lost/Damaged Night Bag Wallet$117.00
Replacement Key – Night Safe Depository/Night BagsFREE
Early Redemption of Culturama/Christmas SavingsNo interest Applied
Confirmation of Bank Balances to Auditors$58.50
Reference Letter$29.25