NCCU Partners with Founder’s Grandson and Alexandra Hospital to Host Health Fair

NCCU Partners with Founder’s Grandson and Alexandra Hospital to Host Health Fair

PRESS RELEASE…(October 19, 2018) – A collaborative effort among the Blackett’s family, the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union Limited (NCCU) and the Alexandra Hospital saw scores of resident Nevisians receiving free health screenings on International Credit Union Day (Oct. 18).

Medical Officer Dr. Linton Liburd Jr. – the grandson of NCCU Founder Wilbert Edmund Ingle Blackett, along with his colleague Dr. Marika Budgeon and nurses from the Alexandra Hospital performed a variety of health tests on the NCCU’s members and staff.

The tests included general vital checks assessing blood pressure, blood glucose and respiration levels; pulse, temperature and heart rates; together with Body Max Index (BMI) and lung fields.

“The idea is to promote health, make sure that patients understand what’s going on with them and to help them feel that they have control over their own health,” Dr. Liburd explained, noting that his team also provided medical advice based on the test results received “so they [patients] can improve their health.”

Mrs. Carla Liburd; mother of Dr. Liburd and daughter of Founder Blackett, coordinated the health fair on her family’s behalf. According to Mrs. Liburd, “It’s just to make people aware of things they can do to keep themselves healthy.”

While making reference to popular health issues including obesity, Mrs. Liburd said her family saw the need to “give a sort of general, overall medical checkup”, and particularly, at the institution that her father founded.

“We also wanted to do the staff of the Nevis Credit Union to make sure everybody is healthy and their pressure is not up too high and they’re not stressing out, so I hope it would become an annual event and as my children [studying medical doctors] come back, we will get them more involved in the activities,” Liburd said.

The NCCU’s General Manager has welcomed the idea of hosting an Annual Health Fair at the institution and shared some thoughts on the 2019 edition.

Thursday’s event formed part of activities to mark International Credit Union Week, which began on Oct. 13 and will culminate on Oct. 20, 2018.